MacBook Failed Hard Drive Recovery

MacBook is one of the most popular brands of notebook computers manufactured by Apple Inc. Apple MacBook is developed mainly for consumers and education market. MacBook is updated with current-generation Intel CPUs. CPU Power consumption is very less which in turn adds to battery life. MacBook comes with a very high screen resolution, which results in crisper text and clearer photos and videos enhancing media viewing experience. But when an issue related to hard drive strikes, things may go wrong and results in huge data loss. In order to recover failed MacBook hard drive data, another drive is needed.

MacBook are not equipped with CD & DVD drive so you can't run Apple's Disk Utility from there. So for MacBook hard drive failure recovery, you need to create an emergency USB flash drive containing Live OS. Failed Hard Drive Recovery Software not only supports Mac OS, it also has the ability to recover data from Windows OS. For Windows user, if the internal failed hard drive displaying BSOD errors due to some weird reasons then visit here to know more about it in detail. Before going into MacBook failed hard drive recovery, you should know about the problem behind the hard drive failure. Some of most common MacBook hard drive failure reasons are discussed below:

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Reasons behind MacBook Hard Drive Failure:

  • If MacBook hard drive containing too many bad sectors and those are growing day by day then finally it will end up with a failure hard drive.
  • MacBook Hard Drive File system corruption due to improper formatting or re-formatting process may cause failure of MacBook hard drive
  • Improper log off causing MacBook hard drive failure

These all comes under logical hard drive failure reasons, apart from that, hard drive failure may occur due to mechanical reasons. Mechanical reason may occur due to physical damage on hard drive. Reasons like broken parts due to any head on injury or due to overheating of hard disk drive are responsible behind mechanical reason. However it is not possible to recover failed MacBook hard drive in case of mechanical reason using recovery software. MacBook hard drive recovery after failure using recovery software can only be done only if the reason for failure is a logical one.

How to recover failed MacBook Hard Drive?

To perform MacBook failed Hard Drive Recovery, the one and only way is to create an emergency drive by using Apple’s Recovery Disk Assistant application. Install the software on that drive for MacBook failed hard drive recovery. This software comes with a very simple user interface and which enables user to perform the recovery in few simple steps. This software is equipped with in-built file signature to recover all most all files from the MacBook hard drive. If the hard disk contains bad sectors then this software gives you option to recover files from the failed hard drive by creating disk image. From the disk image, you will be able to recover your files. With this software, it is possible to recover files from hard drive formatted with HFS and HFS+ file systems. After a quick scan, the software will give you a list of files that can be previewed with Preview option. Keep in mind that this software will not allow you to recover your files into the same drive, so you need to recover files into an external drive. In case you are facing problem with your failed external hard drive then visit:

Note: Sometimes due to certain reasons your hard drive may become dead as a result of which you are unable to access files stored in hard drive. In such situation, you can use this software to recover data from dead hard drive without any issues.

Steps to recover MacBook failed hard drive:

Step - 1: First download and install the demo version of Failed Hard Drive Recovery software to perform MacBook Hard Drive recovery after failure. Launch the software; choose "Recover Volumes / Drives" option from the Main Screen.

MacBook Failed Hard Drive Recovery - Home Screen

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Step - 2: Now select "Volumes Recovery" option for MacBook Failed Hard Drive Recovery

MacBook Failed Hard Drive Recovery - Select Volume

Step - 3: Choose the MacBook hard drive out of all available drives in the list, for MacBook Hard Drive Recovery after failure.

MacBook Failed Hard Drive Recovery - Choose Volume

Step - 4: View recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View".

MacBook Failed Hard Drive Recovery - Review Files

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