Failed Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

Out of all different hardware connected to laptop motherboard, Hard disk may be considered as one of the most important parts as it contains important data belongs to the user. Therefore laptop hard drive failure can surge user into deep data loss problem. Laptop hard drives are mostly sustainable to failures still. Due to certain error, it might get failure at any time. It is not easy to test the hard drive for the failure as it resides inside laptop unlike external hard drives. So to test whether hard drive is working or not the solution is to create a live disc or live USB by which you will be able to boot your computer and after that you can check your hard drive for failure reasons so that you can take further necessary steps.

Instead of doing that, you can also go for the other way in which you have to open your laptop, remove the hard drive and connect it as an external drive in any other PC by SATA cable. Now check what the hard disk is showing when you are accessing it. In most cases it will tell you to format it before you can use that again. Keep in mind that, when your hard drive says it is not accessible or ask you to format it then don’t take any action instead, use recovery software to recover failed laptop hard drive. For failed external drive recovery procedure and details visit here. If the failure reason is a logical reason then failed laptop hard drive recovery can be made using recovery software, whereas if the reason is physical one then you might need a service center to resolve your issue with your failed hard drive. This recovery tool also able to performs data recovery from dead hard drive in few simple steps.

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Logical reasons behind Laptop hard drive failure

  • If due to any reason the file system of the drive gets corrupted then laptop drive becomes unusable.
  • Improper and abrupt system shut down process may damage hardware connected to motherboard including the hard disk drive.
  • Hard disk might become unresponsive and unusable because of growing number of bad sectors inside hard disk drive.
  • Sometimes, it happens that the MBR becomes corrupted and due to which the BIOS cannot reach to POST which loads the Operating System.
  • During creation of disk partitions out of the existing disk partition sometimes any disk partition may become inaccessible which moves the hard drive into failure case.

How to recover failed laptop hard drive?

For laptop hard drive recovery after failure, you need another working system to recover data completely. Therefore, you need to download and install the software in the other system or in the live USB. If the failed hard disk will show in the drives list then you will have to recover them into a separate disk drive and for this you need an external hard drive with sufficient disk space which can hold the entire recovered data out of the failed hard drive. For failed laptop hard drive recovery, the software will not allow you to recover the data into the same hard drive, which you have to keep in mind to prevent files from being overwritten. This software supports failed laptop hard drive recovery of different laptop hard drive manufacturers like WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, SanDisk, ADATA etc. It also supports laptop failed hard drive recovery from hard disk with different file systems like NTFS, FAT, HFS, HFSX etc. Apart from failed laptop hard drive recovery, this software can recover files after BSOD if the internal hard drive causing BSOD problem. This software is equipped with powerful scanning feature to recover laptop failed hard drive within few minutes.

Steps to retrieve failed laptop hard drive:

Step - 1: First download and install Failed Hard Drive Recovery software to perform Laptop Hard Drive Recovery after failure. Launch the software; choose "Recover Drive" option from the Main Screen.

Failed Laptop Hard Drive Recovery - Home Screen

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Step - 2: Select “Partition Recovery” option from the next screen

Failed Laptop Hard Drive Recovery - Choose Drive

Step - 3: To perform failed Laptop hard drive recovery, choose the drive belongs to Laptop and proceed

Failed Laptop Hard Drive Recovery - Select Found Partition

Step - 4: Review recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View".

Failed Laptop Hard Drive Recovery - Review Files

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