Recover Files after BSOD

A Blue Screen of Death screen will appear on your monitor when an issue becomes so serious that Windows must need to stop completely to prevent any damage. Blue Screen of Death also called as STOP Error as it stops Windows immediately after a big error. Blue Screen of Death arises when Windows experience problem with any hardware or with any driver. With Blue Screen of death, a stop code comes which can be used to identify what is the main problem behind the BSOD. BSOD can be prevented by investigating and fixing the problem causing it.

A hard disk is said to be failed when the hard disk is not accessible on a properly configured Computer System. It is may be due to any malfunctions related to that hard disk drive. Each hard disk comes with an average lifespan by counting several features which also includes hard disk internal rotating parts. Hard disk lifespan are calculated on the wear and tear of the internal moving parts. Each manufacturer used to specify a service year but working of a hard disk directly depends on individual hard disk unit. A hard disk can fail at any time even if it’s running properly before.

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Hard disk drive failure is a catastrophic and gradual process. Gradual hard –drive failure is not so easy to detect as the process resembles to general slowing down issues related to a Computer System. In disk check process, if rising number of bad sectors are being detected, it clearly signifies that hard disk is going to fail in near future.

Reasons behind BSOD

  • A new program is installed recently might be making some issue with the Operating System
  • A new piece of hardware is installed in your machine
  • Recent driver update made
  • Low disk space in Active Partition containing Windows Operating System
  • Master Boot Record corrupted either due to any error or due to virus infection
  • Hardware and its related driver not functioning properly
  • Non-default hardware settings in Device Manager
  • Misconfigured BIOS settings
  • Occurrence of bad sectors

As mentioned above a hard drive failure or any problem with your internal hard drive sometimes causes immediate stop to Windows. In such a case the hard drive becomes inaccessible. Failed hard drive often causing BSOD can be recovered by data recovery software. Hard drive failure is may occur due to large no of bad sectors, MBR corruption, and corrupt file system or because of incorrect partition drive as mentioned above.

How to recover files after BSOD?

In case the Blue Screen of Death error is coming due to your hard drive then no need to be worried use Failed Hard Drive Recovery software to recover files after BSOD. This software understand the memory organization and file storing schemes of hard drive to perform files recovery after BSOD. To protect other hardware, don’t try to turn it on forcefully. Create a live USB or live Disc using any other working PC. Now boot you PC with the Live USB or Live Disc and check whether the hard drive is showing or not. If it is showing then perform files recovery after BSOD using Failed Hard Drive Recovery software. This software is compatible with all most all types of Windows Operating System i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as with Windows Server Editions to recover files after Blue Screen of Death. This software is also supported on both 32bit and 64bit Operating System. In case you want to recover MacBook failed hard drive, visit:

In-built more than 300 file signature database makes it easier for user to recover all most every type of file satisfactorily. It also recognizes file system that belongs to Windows for files recovery after blue screen of death. This software never allows user to recover data into same physical drive location to prevent underlying data which are being recovered by the recovery software. To recover files after BSOD, scanning can be done upon the failed hard drive within few minutes which will give you a list of files that are found in the scanning. The Demo version of this software is able to provide you preview of recovered files so buy the full version of the software, if you are satisfied with the scan results to get back files after BSOD. You can even save your current recovery session to recover the data at a later point of time. With this software, failed external hard drive recovery is also possible apart from files recovery after BSOD.

Steps to recover files after Blue Screen of Death

Step - 1: First download and install the demo version of Failed Hard Drive Recovery software to recover files after BSOD. Launch the software; choose "Recover Drive" option from the Main Screen.

Recover Files after BSOD - Home Screen

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Step - 2: Choose “Partition Recovery” option to recover files after Blue Screen of Death.

Recover Files after BSOD - Choose Drive

Step - 3: Select the appropriate disk from the list of available drives after scanning.

Recover Files after BSOD - Select Found Partition

Step - 4: Review recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View".

Recover Files after BSOD - Review Files

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