Failed External Hard Drive Recovery

Now a day’s external hard drives are available in market, which enables user to travel with huge amount of data. External hard drives are portable and available in market with different storage size. Like internal hard drive, users can store videos, audios, applications, documents etc. in external hard drive. External hard drives are mostly used for backup purpose and apart from that, it is also used or easy data travelling. Hard disk failure problems are also associated with external hard drives like internal hard drives. If you are facing any such problem with your external hard disk drive then you reached at the right destination for failed external hard drive recovery.

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When such problem comes, usually there arises a perception in users mind that all important data is now lost. But this conception is wrong as it is possible to recover data out of a failed Hard Drive which is very much similar to failed laptop hard drive recovery. Just go on reading on know how to recover failed external hard drive. Before going into failed external hard drive recovery techniques, you must make sure that what is the actual reason lies behind it, so that data can be recovered satisfactorily out of the failed hard drive. Some of common hard disk failure symptoms and reasons are described below

Pre - hard drive failure symptoms:

  • Growing in number of bad sectors in disk check process
  • PC speed gradually decreasing along with performance slow down
  • Frequent PC crash and OS freezing
  • Unusual noise coming from the rotating parts of the hard drive
  • PC getting over heated and fan is running making heavy sound to cool down the inside temperature
  • Blue Screen of Death message coming frequently on screen

Reasons behind external hard drive failure

  • Improper removal of hard drive without ejecting it by clicking on Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media option
  • Head on collision damaging the hard drive hardware and rotating parts (mechanical failure reason and cannot be resolved using a data recovery software)
  • Corrupt file system which leads into inaccessible drive
  • Too many bad sector in hard drive finally makes it as a failure one
  • Corrupt Master Boot Record causing inaccessible disk drive
  • Incorrect partition drive causing failure of entire disk

How to recover failed external hard drive?

For the purpose of external hard disk recovery after failure, Failed Hard Drive Recovery Software is one of the best available software which you will find in market among all other recovery software. The simple and interactive user interface of this software makes failed external hard drive recovery procedure easier. This software comes with a powerful built in engine which search and recover all files that are no more visible but still present on hard drive. In case, the hard disk contains too many bad sectors or inaccessible area then it creates a disk image for the hard drive out of which failed external HDD recovery can be done. This software is by default loaded with file signature so around 300 types of file can be recovered without any hassle.

Features of the Software

  • Able to recover hard drive after failure of different manufacturers like WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, SanDisk, ADATA etc.
  • Supported on both Mac OS X and Windows Operating System
  • Able to recognize different file systems (NTFS, FAT, HFS, HFSX etc.) associated with hard disk drive
  • Quick scan and fast recovery engine
  • File preview option in result page enable user to preview files those are needed
  • Able to recover files after BSOD error caused due to any reasons.

Steps to recover failed external hard drive:

Step - 1: First download and install the demo version of Failed Drive Recovery software to perform Failed External Hard Drive Recovery. Launch the software, now from the Main Screen; choose "Recover Drive" option.

Failed External Hard Drive Recovery - Home Screen

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Step - 2: Choose “Partition Recovery” option to perform failed external HDD recovery.

Failed External Hard Drive Recovery - Choose Drive

Step - 3: After a quick scan it will give you a list of found partition, select the appropriate disk partition.

Failed External Hard Drive Recovery - Select Found Partition

Step - 4: Preview recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View" for your failed external HDD recovery.

Failed External Hard Drive Recovery - Review Files

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