Data Recovery from Failed Hard Drive

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A hard disk is said to be failed when you are not able to access data on accurately configured computer. This problem may occur when hard drive faces malfunction related issues. Even though your hard drive was functioning properly without any performance related issues, at some point of time, your hard drive may fail due to various common reasons. Hard disk drive failure is a disastrous and steady process. You cannot easily identify steady process of hard drive failure as you may think that your facing general hard drive slow down problems due to some reasons.

How to determine a hard drive failure?

If suddenly your computer is no longer working then you have to check all your hardware that are jet plugged with your motherboard which also includes your hard drive. To test your internal hard drive, you can follow these two procedures:

  • Process 1: Remove your hard drive from your PC and now try to test it with any other system if it's not working and not showing in that System then it's clear that it is no longer working.
  • Process 2: Use a live disk or live flash drive with portable Operating System to boot your PC and then check whether your internal hard disk is showing or not. If it is not showing then you have to think about failed hard drive recovery process.

Symptoms of hard disk failure:

  • Slowing down the speed of your PC performance
  • Computer freezing frequently now and then
  • Unexpected noise coming while the hard disk is rotating
  • PC getting over heated than normal
  • Increasing bad sectors showing in disk check
  • Frequent Blue Screen of Death messages

Reasons behind Hard Disk Failure

There are two types of reasons behind hard disk failure: one is logical and the other one is mechanical.

  • Mechanical Reason: Mechanical reason directly implies that your hard disk has broken parts due to its head on injury or due to overheating of hard disk drive. In such a case, data recovery is a very hard thing to do.
  • Logical Reason: If there is no sign of any physical damage on your hard disk drive then it might just encountered with a logical failure. The hard disk failure is either due to accidental formatting or due to a corrupt file system due to which the drive is no longer able to navigate its own data.

However it is not easy to resolve a mechanical issue by own, and in such case, you need to visit a service center for failed HDD recovery whereas, in case of a logical reason, it is possible to recover failed hard drive by using a recovery software like Failed Hard Drive Recovery software. Logical reason also includes hard drive crash due to bad sectors, improper removal in case the hard disk drive is an external hard drive, corrupt MBR details for hard drive during booting process or may be due to incorrect partitioning a drive.

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How to recover failed hard drive?

Well in case your hard drive is suffering from any logical hard drive failure problem, it can be recovered using Data Recovery software. To deal with failed hard drive recovery problem, use Failed Hard Drive Recovery software that has been designed after looking into many Hard Drive Failure problems. With this software, failed HDD Recovery success rate becomes considerably high. This software is equipped with around 300 different built in file type signatures and additional signatures can be added if needed. It runs on both Mac OS X and different versions of Windows Operating System along with 32bit and 64bit OS support to recover failed hard drive. This software is able to restore file from different drives of different manufacturer like WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, SanDisk, ADATA etc.

Failed hard drive retrieval is possible because files are still present on hard drive but not visible to you after hard drive failure. But those invisible files can be retrieved back by using Failed Hard Drive Recovery software. If the hard drive is not accessible after the failure due to file system corruption then it will ask you to format it first with a known file system to make it useable again. However, instead of formatting, use this software to make your hard drive accessible and recover files after formatting hard drive. This software is able to scan your entire drive within few minutes. As there are different types of file systems present, this software supports retrieval for every type of file system previously associated with your hard drive. If there are bad sectors preventing you from data recovery then this software got a superb feature of disk image creation to recover data that cannot be accessible due to bad sectors. With the use of this tool, you are able to recover data from dead hard drive as well as from failed or damaged hard drive.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Never try to perform any illogical operations with your hard drive after failure as chances are there that it might become unusable completely.
  • If you are not sure about failure reason then take help from any expert person.
  • Never try to write any new data into it before performing recovery.
  • When you are recovering your data, if possible try to put the recovered data into any other external hard drive for satisfactory recovery results.

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How this Software Recovers Failed Hard Drive Data:

Step - 1: First download and install the demo version of Failed Hard Drive Recovery Software to perform Failed Hard Drive Recovery. Launch the the software, choose "Recover Drive" option from the Main Screen.

Failed Hard Drive Recovery - Home Screen

Step - 2: Select "Partition Recovery" option to recover data from failed hard drive.

Failed Hard Drive Recovery - Choose Drive

Step - 3: After a quick scan it will give you a list of found hard drives list, select the approprite hard drive to start failed hard drive recovery

Failed Hard Drive Recovery - Select Found Partition

Step - 4: Preview recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View" using "Preview" option.

Failed Hard Drive Recovery - Review Files

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